Thursday, February 10, 2011

Silver Restaurant in Park City

Yay—there is something brand new and fabulous on Main Street! It's called “Silver” and it's in the old Phoenix Gallery (betcha didn't even notice Phoenix is missing, huh?) next to the post office. It's a little confusing to identify because of all the other Silver-somethings in Park City, and it's so new that signs are still not up yet. 
Nice elegant girls night with the Rs and A. We were excited about the dim rockstar industrial interior—swanky, clubby, floating fireplaces (that mid-air thing on left side), reptile print bistro bar seats, blue velvet sectional ceilings, super buff girl bartenders, walls of metal chain-link over exposed brick (well, Rayna actually didn't like the chain but I think the rest of us did).... 
MMM - Vida Tequila Blanco, fresh lime, ginger beer, rocks, $8 - Yummy, bar menu showcasing Vida Tequila.
BR Cohn Cabernet Savignon, $12 a glass - Per Ruth's rec, we had a few of these ;)
Soft puffy bread and very green herby garlicky olive oil.
Braised Spanish Octopus Escabeche, fennel, roasted lemon, espelette, $12 - Yep, those green circles are jalapenos with mellow tame kick, razor thin veggies and purple potato, charred meaty octopus arms. Beautiful dishthe flavors, textures, colors. 
Soup du Jour, yellowy with Enoke, $8 - Quoting Aigroeg and Ruth, "super creamy... too foamy..." (Either you are into it or notthe foam.) Lovely flavor though.
Butter Leaf Salad, roasted corn, toasted pumpkin seeds, spicy basil vinaigrette, $9 Rayna would have been the third soup du jour (??!!!) if our server didn't totally pressure her into getting this. (This is hubby's absolute favorite salad of all time, btw.) 
Grilled Garlic Tiger Prawns, caramelized cauliflower, fresh herbs, meyer lemon, $32 - Humongous awesome Fendi-colored prawns the size of lobsters. Ruth liked this very much.
Muscovy Duck Breast, caramelized fennel, braised endive, ginger/shallot confit, $28 - Medium rare and PERFECT! Sweet sugary ginger and endive crunch. One of the best duck dishes I've had in a long time.
Parmeson Truffle Fries, chopped chives, $8 Cutest line-up of frites, potent and parmy. This was one of the three fabulous sides we got for the table. 
Local Red Trout, shitake, ponzu brown butter, braised green onion, $23 Love anything served in a glazed Staub! Rayna loved this.
Roasted Brussel Sprouts, pancetta and crispy sage, $6 - We asked for pancetta on the side which was probably why they needed the Sweet Corn Pudding dip ;)  Perfectly al dente.
Sweet Corn Pudding, $7 - This turned into a sort of super wonder dip. A chunky yummy truffle fry sauce and lavish sauce for the brussel sprouts. You must try this.
6 Ounce Filet of Beef, $24 - A la carte. I think Aigroeg ordered it topped off with bleu cheese. 
Bread Pudding Doughnuts, $8 - Dense and light...NOT ;)
Molten Chocolate Smores, $8 - Rayna loved this tweeked smore.
Brown Butter Pound Cake, $8 - Eh, maybe we were just way too full to fully enjoy...
We love Silver, especially the hip upstairs bar for pre-dinner drinks and intros. Interesting eclectic music though - late 90s new wave to early 2000s Dido... Chef Tod Mark Miller. Come check it, love it, and order the octopus and/or duck, okay? They slipped in a sick little Valentines Day reminder, sparkling silver and so Rocky-Horror! Way cool.
(435) 940-1000
Located immediately to the left of post office parking lot on Main Street, in the old Phoenix Gallery space.
508 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060
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