Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pasta Jay's, Gelato at Moab Brewery, Moab Rock Shop

It was another day in paradise, I mean Moab, studying the areas surrounding The Colorado River and attaining encyclopedic knowledge of all the glorious species and rocks indigenous to Moab. After a morning of exploration by foot, we hit the Moab Rock Shop for super cool stuff.
Time for grub! The kids voted on Pasta Jay's again, thankfully. Love this place.
Surprisingly, we were the first ones to be seated inside on this breezy day.
My simple kids get completely consumed with crayons and an activity page.
Coffee, $3.  Wake up, mommy!
Medium Cheese Pizza, $12.  Ridiculously thin and crispy crusted pizza! We actually got 2 of these for $24 and well-worth every penny. The kids kept raving after each bite. This is crust perfection! Perfect amount of cheese and sauce for every bite! I LOVE this, mom!
See how thin this awesome crust is? Flavorful and crispy, not at all stale.
Eggplant Parmigiana, $15.  I'm not used to eggplant this thick and fabulous. The breading was ever so slight, barely detectable and formed a delicate crust with a splash of parmesan and parsley. The eggplant was completely cooked through with a gorgeous moist center, not at all slimy. The tomato sauce was loaded with punchy garlic in every bite. If you like eggplant and garlic, definitely order this!
The Eggplant Parm came with a generous side of penne and tomato sauce.
Kids Spaghetti Marinara, $5.  Al dente noodles and sauce.
Complimentary Garlic Bread came at the end. With what little room that was left in our bellies, we stuffed ourselves with bread dipped in my Eggplant sauce. Mmmmmm.......
Moab afternoon mellow times...
And back to the homebase for journal-writing illustration hour to immortalize these new wave tunes of Depeche Mode.
Time for more...GELATO! Inside the Moab Brewery, to the left of the restaurant is a stand-alone gelato stand serving delicious gelato.
We look forever sampling everything. YUM.

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  1. Whoever invented Gelato is a genius. I've considered it among the best desserts ever made since I first tried it at a catering bristol event a couple of years ago.