Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pasta Jay's in Moab and Crystal's Cakes and Cones

Moab, Utah! We loaded up the bikes and the gear, and headed south when PC weather was being annoyingly volatile. Plus, the kids were out of school for a week (eek!) and we were pretty much done with skiing for the season. Leaving town was the only way I could pry them off (and myself off) the computers and Wii stations.
When you are heading into town on Main St, in Moab, you cannot miss Pasta Jay's red and white, bold, bright and cheery signage on the right-hand side. We love this place! The vibe is fun, welcoming and super kid-friendly. 

Stuffed Chicken Genovese, $17.50.  Impressive vibrant presentation of chicken breast stuffed with Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese and mushrooms in a bath of rich tomato sauce. This came with a generous side of spaghetti and tomato sauce. Beautiful!
The platter arrived sizzling hot with bubbling tomato sauce loaded with tons of coarsely chopped garlic, basil and other yummy punchy flavors.
Every bite was wet, cheesy, chunky and intense. The chicken was moist, tender and oozing ridiculous flavors. I loved this.
The side of spaghetti and sauce was generous and al dente.
Pasta with Butter, $5.  Kids al dente penne with butter.
Parmesan Chicken Strips and Broccoli, $5.  Look at that awesome crust.
Almost like an afterthought, our basket of garlic bread finally came out near the end. I forgot about it until I found this pic. Check out our fab lunch of Eggplant and Pizza at Pasta Jay's by clicking here.
Across the street was an ice-cream store! Crystal's Cakes & Cones.
The line was insane. There were only 2 teenages manning the entire operation. Didn't look at the time, but we were actually doing math problems and spelling quizes to kill time in line.
It was getting windy and chilly. The kids loved their cones.
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  1. Lessen the sauce a little bit and that Genovese would look strikingly similar to what our corporate catering served for Halloween. Coincidentally enough, the menu also had ice cream.