Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shabu, Steins for coffee-chess, Momentum climbing

Date night in Park City started at Shabu on Main Street for sushi, glasses of delicious vino and some green tea to finish off. We were put into a cute and cozy back corner booth built to fit 2 people no bigger than ourselves. 
Downstairs at Shabu, the basement vibe is edgy industrial chic with cozy dim booths, welded metal art installed into stone walls. Cool light fixtures.
Blister Beans, $10.  Done just right here. We inhaled these addicting nutty green beans. Always gotta order these.
Hamachi Nigiri, $9.  Great start. Smooth, buttery, firm, fab.
Tempura Shrimp Roll, $12.  Can't ever go wrong with basic classic tempura shrimp.
Egg Foo Yong, $8.  Crispy and delicious most of the time, but some bites were just too mushy. 
Maguro Nigiri, $9.  Delicious, buttery and smooth.
Ocean Trout Nigiri, $9.  Delicious, silky tender, but a tad stringy at the ends.
Another Hamachi Nigiri, $9.  Fish was deliciously cut, but why the sloppy scallions?
Salmon Skin Roll, $9.  I've had good salmon skin here before, but this time it was too hard, thick and crusty.
Spider Roll.  Fat, crisp, delicious crab...
Miso Ramen with Beef.  This would have been extraordinary if the broth was anything other than miso. Chicken, pork, vegetable...anything! Enoki shrooms were a fat bundle oozing tremendous flavor along with the sweet scallion. The meat was amazing, plenty, seared, rich and tender. Noodles were okay. Any golden brownish broth would've killed it, anything but white miso.
Mochi Ice-cream.  Who does not LOVE mochi ice-cream?! Brain-freeze cold, sweet, chewy, powdery...heavenly.
After sushi, we decided to ditch the movie (can't remember which one) and relocate to the elegant lobby of Steins for apres dinner coffee, chess battles and deep conversation. What a glorious night chillin' in the lobby at one of Stein's mountain rustic game tables next to their main restaurant the Glitretind which is pretty fabulous, particularly the brunch buffets during ski season. Tonight, we keep it simple to stay alert for our battles with cappuccino and house coffee.
Earlier that day Brett Davidson took us on a belaying trip to Momentum Climbing in Sandy, Utah for some fantastic top rope climbing action. Momentum is an awesome and enormous indoor climbing gym designed for pros, but equipped for newbies and youngins. Take I-15 and exit 10600 South and look for Momentum located right next door to REI in a shopping mall, off the highway.

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