Monday, April 16, 2012

Peace Tree in Moab

Moab mornings are blisssss! Before breakfast, bright and early, the kids strolled down to the enchanted park to read on hammocks, write in their journals and row laps in the canoe. For a few days we will be livin' the ultra leisure life in marvelous Moab...
Since the morning was so peaceful and serene, we decided to try out a place called The Peace Tree for breakfast. The menu looked exciting and wholesome enough.
Sounds crazy, but I was disappointed at the initial standard Denny's condiment set-up. I suppose I was expecting everything here to be super organic, home-made and tree-hugging.
House Coffee, $3.  Coffee was so-so.
Tango Mango, $4 for 16 oz.  This was waaaaay too sweet. So sweet that my own kids could barely down it. Peach mango juice, orange sherbet, peaches, banana, coconut.
Green Eggs and Ham, $9.  Fantastic. Three egg (or tufu) scramble with spinach, pesto, ham, roasted potatoes and toast. (The bacon in the picture was from another order.) This was good, although I wished I requested eggwhites. Even though I prefer crispy potatoes, these were soft (but not mushy) and delicious. The scramble was amazing, one of the best egg dishes I've ever had.
They brought out the spice and promoted the local Adobe Milling brand.
Two thumbs up for the Chipotle Habanero by Adobe Milling.
Kids got pancakes and eggwhites.
The take-out counter and smoothie bar were set up in the back. Nice black boards. Lots of walk-in traffic for smoothies that morning.
We took the kids biking along The Colorado River on the paved bike trail. I love my family!
Arches National Park...
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  1. I came across your blog and love it! Also I see that you enjoy Takashi as much as my husband and I do. It's definitely are favorite restaurant in Salt Lake. The mussel shooters are to die for!

  2. Cool I live in Moab but don't know where that park is. Can you enlighten me?

  3. Cool I live in Moab but don't know where that park is. Can you enlighten me?

  4. Dave! That blissful scene above is from the property of Moab Springs Ranch, a condo unit on the left when you enter Moab. Nice, huh?