Monday, April 16, 2012

Zax in Moab

We decided to try Zax out when we saw decent-looking folks with well-mannered kids walk in from the road. At first, the kids were excited about the pizza bar where you walk up with an empty plate and pick a slice at $2.50 per slice. I liked the rockabilly-dessert-mountain decor, classic biker bandana napkins and all the different artsy tabletops. Unfortunately, that's where it ended.
Apricot Hefewiezen 16 oz, $4.25.  Moab is a beer town so you have to order beer. This was ice cold and fabulous.
Pizza Bar, $2.50 per slice.  Michael was starving and liked the get-your-own-pizza. He had a total of four slices.
Dino Nuggets and Fries, $3.99.  Well, what was I really expecting for $3.99 anyway?
Zax Burger, $9.89.  This came with everything...bacon, avocado, jalapenos, green chile, pepper jack cheese. Toppings were cut, stacked and arranged all wrong and kept falling apart.
Beef Hobo, $9.29.  This was filled with thinly sliced meat (something resembling meat), grilled onion, peppers, mushrooms, provolone and a side of au jus. Barely edible, stale bread and very bad steak. Au jus was like dirty tap water, flavorless. My kids thought our waitress made a mistake and gave us old diluted coffee instead of au jus. Pretty gross.
At least the kids were mellow and worn out from a day of exploring, hiking and canoeing. They were just grateful for ice water and crayons.
Fettuccine and Marinara Sauce, $9.29. Meatballs, $2.29.  The noodles were terribleovercooked, soggy, bland. Do NOT order pasta here.
Grilled Cheese and Fries, $3.99.  Meh.
Salad Bar (in a canoe, pretty cool).
We will not be coming back to Zax any time soon. The service was sloppy and terrible (so terrible I actually thought we were being discriminated against!) and the vibe was cheap, sleepy, boring, rundown and outdated. A waste of money and a complete bummer!
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  1. this is so sad to see. :( we eat at Zax all the time, and love it! the Hobo is one of my favorite sandwiches there!

    i have a problem with your 'review' however. one of your children SEEING soup and commenting that "i think they serve canned soup" is NOT a review. it is more of a "sh*t my kid says". and you "coudl have gotten sick" IN YOUR OWN again not a review.

  2. Hey!
    Comments noted :) Sorry that my experience at Zax is not representative of the Zax that you love. This just shows how inconsistent service can produce radical customer experiences, perceptions. Sorry, can't retract the Hobo episode. L