Thursday, April 19, 2012


We love Mustang on Main Street, even if the food is way heavy and the portions ridiculous. It's the perfect place to come when you're feeling gluttonous and you want to pig out on fantastic food in a fun (and loud) atmosphere. We came, carrying bottles of wine, to celebrate some birthdays Mustang style with Michelle and Larry and to practice the art of over-eating.
Asian Chicken Potstickers, $9.95.  This appetizer was never intended for one person, so order one for the table. You will get four oversized panseared triangles stuffed with chicken breast, scallion, veggies and drizzled in an insanely delicious house spicy ginger-garlic sauce.
Thyme-Garlic Marinated New York Steak, $39.95.  14 oz of meat cooked rare, red wine sauce, garlic-herb butter, asparagus and loaded baked potato. Huge, heavy, insanely delicious! This might be the best baked potato in town, if you're into thick potato skins.
Wild Caught Alaskan Halibut, $36.50.  This is considered one of their "lighter" entrees. Again, the piece of fish is huge, with a lemon-soy dressing, stir-fry of baby bok choy, roasted almonds, celery ribbons and white onions. Fish was cooked to perfect temperature, Asian greens done just right. Just... so... much...of... it...
Rack of Lamb.  Big rack, juicy, succulent, medium rare. Sauce looking pretty heavy and fatty too.
Utah Red Trout, $32.50.  Filet of trout was drowned in lemon butter sauce, capers, roma tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and served with sauteed asparagus and chive mashed potatoes, enough for a family of six. Anything with toasted pine nuts is worth ordering.
Steak Carpaccio, $12.95.  I love the combination of bitter arugula with fat strips of salty Reggiano Parmesan. Sagra extra virgin oil marinates the raw filet mignon perfectly. I did ask for extra salt and pepper.
Southwestern Duck Chile Relleno, $11.95.  This was fried, crispy, wet, cheesy and gooey. If you are into rich and terribly fattening foods, you will love this. Pasilla chile was stuffed with Muscovy duck (which I never did find underneath the mounds of cheese), Jack cheese, red Ranchero sauce and Parmesan cream reduction.
Happy Birthday to YOOOOUUU!! Two wishes!! Beautiful times with wonderful friends...
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