Friday, January 21, 2011

chefdance 2011 kickoff - mimi's birthday

Sundance Film Festival is here and the town is packed! We kick off Chefdance with Mimi Kim's birthday party, starring Snake Oil Cocktail Company (San Diego), Chef Chad White of EGO Culinary Trends and Executive Pastry Chef and Chocolatier of Cups (La Jolla), Jeff Bonilla.
Michael Chow of Mr Chow restaurants makes the cover of 2011 Chefdance playbill.
Super limited, super exclusive, way chic Neff cupcake beanies featuring Chefdance logo will be floating around. So cute, you just wanna eat it up ;P
Snake Oil Cocktail Company will be the official Chefdance mixologists. Ian Ward and Lucien Conner mix up yummy pimp cocktails!

Chef Chad White's food is insanely good. Seriously. Everything was CRAZY DELICIOUS!!!!
Rabbit Confit, rosemary honey glaze, espelette artichoke salad.
Eden Farms Pork Belly, whole grain mustard and bacon jam. 
Charred Mako Shark, persillade, jalapeno grape jelly, garlic chips.
Candied Lobster, goats milk pannacotta, pistachio puree, midori-lychee gelee.
Seared Sonoma Foie Gras, hibiscus gastrique, pistachio brittle, buzz button.
Red Beet Shooter, blood orange, gorgonzola, micro chive. 
Wood Fire Grilled Beef Tenderloin, tobacco cream, blackberry jam, micro mustard greens.
Curried Lobster.
 Rabbit Confit, rosemary honey glaze, espelette artichoke salad.
Super dope Lucy lovin some Snake Oil.
Tower o' cupcakes by Cups Organic Cupcakes from La Jolla.
Chef Jeff Bonilla presents lit cupcakes for birthday girl Mimi! Happy Birthday!!
Happy girls with happy chefs Jeff Bonilla and Chad White.
Later on...  Harry O's for the Skullcandy Sessions wit Snoop Dogg.
Hot lovebirds Poet Name Life and Lucy McIntosh.
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  1. I love these pictures. What a night that was!
    You pictures are fabulous and I need to get all your photos from Chefdance as well. I may need you to come to all Chefdance dinners and just take pictures of the dinners and chefs.

    I also love your comments about each course. Your site is GREAT!