Saturday, January 22, 2011

chefdance 2011 - Brian Malarkey

Friday night's Chefdance starred Chef Brian Malarkey, pic below, of Searsucker from San Diego's Gaslamp. Wines by Rosenthal Estate Wines. Cocktail pairing by Snake Oil Cocktail Company, also from San Diego.
Albacore Crudo, lemon, truffle, fried shallot, mizuna.  Sensational! An omg sensory experience of truffle bliss and shallot crunch. We arrived late and the chef had only one serving for the both of us ;'( Thanks Zack for reserving half of this piece of heaven when you could have easily hogged the whole thing! 
Scallop and Cube of Pork Confit, prosciutto wrapped sweet breads, brown butter-pear chutney.  Impressive humongous scallop. The breaded cube of pork was too much. Rich, heavy, incredible flavors.
The Belvedere Root Cellar.  Snake Oil Cocktail Co.'s pomegranate root beer, Belvedere. AMAZING! Could have guzzled this all night long.
Wild New Zealand Pink Grouper, duck infused white bean croquette, braised kale and foie gras emulsion.  Delicious, on the heavier side. Fabulous foie.
Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta.  It arrived jiggly and wiggly. Each bite was silky, smooth, crunchy, light and fabulous.
Wines by Rosenthal, The Malibu Estate. Water by VOSS. Beer by Stella Artois, Food by Nicholas & Company. Cocktails by Snake Oil. Dinner favor was a super cute Greeting Card Soap from Simplicite Greetings.
Nextdoor to Playboy Lounge for chill and upstairs to Harry O's for more Skullcandy Sessions... Ghostland Observatory, goth-rock-electronica and an overstimulated laser light show (totally security system-esque, constantly thought of Catherine Zeta-Jone's Entrapment). See? 
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