Thursday, April 14, 2011

Golden Dragon in Salt Lake City - dim sum!

Still on crutches and waiting patiently for scar tissue to heal from that nasty femur break, I've been eating out (tons) and loving it! Brother Brian and I were running errands in Salt Lake City craving dim sum. Incredibly, the Ford Flex nav system led us to Golden Dragon on Main Street. Golden Dragon is delicious old-school Chinese comfort food complete with water tanks filled with live lobster and crab.
Dim sum is served daily in a cart! (Not many dim sum carts in Utah, btw.) This place may be a little shabby, but just wait until your order arrives. Seriously, once you take your first bite, the distressed pastel pink chairs with white legs and other divey decor will not matterthe food is that good. Come here for authentic traditional dim sum and so much more! 
Spare Ribs.  Perfectly seasoned with perfect flavors! (You won't believe how many restaurants can screw up this sauce.)
Scallop and Shrimp.  This was our favorite. We actually tasted and detected bright orange shrimp, not scallops. This was the least starchy of all the dumplings, perfectly sized and mouthwatering. Order this!
Vegetable Dumpling.  Loved it, yum!
 Shrimp Ha Cau.  These were done traditional style. Fabulous flavors, perfect texture, smooth chewy wrapper.
Shrimp and Chive.  These were good size balls, packed with shrimp and chives.
Egg-drop Soup.  This was too starchy for me...too thick. The soup had corn, eggwhites, meat, shrimp, crab. Tasty with white pepper.
General Tso's Chicken.  We overheard the table behind us ordering this... Like a pimped out Orange Chicken, so good. The batter on the chicken was not too thick and the sauce was had just enough kick, almost spicy. We didn't totally dig the cabbage eggroll (too oily), tempura shrimp (too much batter) and fried rice (soft, ham, eggs, nothing special).
Dragons RULE!
Golden Dragon
(801) 487-9888
1518 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
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