Friday, April 22, 2011

Fresh Flowers from Costco at 300 West

Flowers for the Seder table came from Costco this year. I bought bunches of tulips and roses four days earlier (on the Friday before) anticipating that they would open up gloriously by Passover on Monday eveningand they did! 
I stuffed tulips and roses into silver, glass and steel flower bases. Tealights were scattered in glass candle bases. We had metallic-colored vinyl woven placemats. Individual damp washcoths were topped off with slices of lime. The round shmurah matzoh sat on glass pedestal cake stands. Shmurah Matzoh from New York is sold every year at The Chabad Lubavitch of Utah in Sugarhouse, Salt Lake City.
Check out the flower pix belowgoing strong at peek bloom seven days after leaving Costco! Seven days! Glass and steel bases are from IKEA's bathroom accessories ;') Fill the flower vessels with clean cold water and add correct proportion of flower food powder. Cut the stems short on a diagonal. Combine/arrange same-color tulips and roses to the same base for some monochromatic action (I keep it easy;'). Keep it short and low so that we can see everyone. Tulips grow taller and longer as they bloom, so cut and arrange accordingly.
Blissful evening staring into the blooming magic listening to The Sundays and reminiscing on so much way back when...xoxo


  1. Everyone had there own sedar plate- how cool!

  2. yes, and we had farm fresh eggs thanks to wonderful cindy!!! xo