Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chocolate Matzoh Crunch avec salty almonds 'n sprinkles

It's that Matzoh Crunch time of year again! I am hooked on Scharffen Berger chocolate. Follow the same procedure for Matzoh Crunch found in this post (click here), but add some fun bright toppings to jazz it up ;')  
Here, we'll add whole salted roasted almonds....
....and cupcake sugar pearls, rainbow sprinkles and coarse sea salt.
When you reach step 8 in this Matzoh Crunch recipe (click here), immediately after spreading the chocolate smooth with a spatula while the chocolate is still warm, add: sea salt, rainbow sprinkles, sugar pearls and place the almonds into the soft chocolate.
Position the almonds in line so that when you cut the slab into squares, the almonds will be centered.
After about 20 minutes outside in the April freeze (35 degrees on the deck), the tray of gourmet matzoh crunch will harden!
Take a knife to score and cut through into squares.
Then arrange on a plate or platter. Ready to serve!
YUMMY and beautiful. Store uneaten Matzoh Crunch in the freezer. Take out and serve immediately.
Kids and adults go nuts over these...can't resist....

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