Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wahso in Park City

Another completely satisfying meal at our favorite restaurant Wahso on Main Street with some of our favorite guys. Creatures of habit (boring, I know!)...but here we feast on our favorite dishes over and over again.
Edamame, old bay, lemon confit.  You can suck on these skins forever then keep licking your lips and fingers...
Blister Beans, walnuts.  Sauce on the side, addicting.
Hamachi Sashimi, japanese yellowtail, compressed cucumber, fresh wasabi, asian pear, hon shimeji mushrooms, yuzu-soy dipping sauce.  To die for, really. Textures and flavors go crazy at each bite. CRAZY.
Miso Black Cod, marinated alaskan cod, baby bok choy, trumpet mushrooms, calrose rice and lemongrass-scallion dashi.  All-time favorite. So silky smooth and intensely flavorful. Always get this!
Maine Diver Scallops, shallots and thyme roasted scallops, heirloom carrots, lemongrass-chervil veloute.
"Mulligatawny" Morgan Valley Lamb, curry rubbed lamb sirloin steak, ginger scented lentils and roasted winter vegetables.  Meat is done PERFECTLY.
Winter Squash Carrot Cake, cream cheese ice cream and carrot compote.  They took a traditional favorite and kicked it up several notches. Not so sweet but rich in flavor and so dense. My favorite.
Toasted Coconut Creme Brulee, "a signature wahso dessert," served in a cracked coconut with a pyramid macaroon and sweet pokey stick.  The creme here is amazing. We always return the coconut to have it scraped out in meaty chunks for us.
Delicious, insightful, heavy, emotional, hilarious, spectacular night out with the guys...hubby, Adamo and Phil. xoxo

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