Thursday, April 7, 2011

Red Maple Chinese Cuisine - dim sum

It's not my style to complain, but... Bro and I had a bummer dim sum lunch experience at Red Maple on Redwood Road near the State Liquor Store. We had high expectations after reading the reviews online. We were optimistic when we walked in past the live tanks of lobsters and crabs. No rolling steel carts today :'( The service was great and the staff was super friendly and smiley :) We ordered from a limited weekday lunch menu and metal steamer trays came out quickly. 
Chili oil is always a must.
Chive Mushroom Dumpling.  These dumplings came out first. They were twice the size of normal dumplings. Way too big, too starchy, not enough flavor. Soy sauce and chili fix.
蝦餃 ha gaau.  These shrimp dumplings are a dim sum standard and usually a sure shot. I've never had a bad ha gau until now...too thick, too big (again, the size...), stale and clumpy :'(  Big apologies for the extreme close-ups.
燒賣 siu maai.  Steamed pork inside wheat flour wrapper. Again, the mutant size is unappetizing. (Ugh, that macro lens is making it bigger than life...)
Mushroom and Pork in Bean Curd.  Something about this one was terribly off. (I hate this picture, so big!)
潮州粉果 chiu-chau fan guo.  This was pretty badchunky cashews, dried shrimp, chive, pork Chinese mushroom. How can such great ingredients clash so badly? It was gritty and left a bad aftertaste. These are supposed to be big, but they were the size of oranges.
Spare Ribs.  What is spare ribs if they have NO FLAVOR?!  ;'(
糯米雞 lo mai gai.  This is lotus leaf wrapped and over-stuffed with glutinous rice, egg, mushroom, scallop, water chesnut, pork. The flavors here were acceptable, but not great.
Chive and Shrimp.  This was actually delicious! WOW! Generous amounts of shrimp and chives were stuffed inside a thin wrap with an extra crispy top. I will order a few of these if I come back ;'/ We are still talking about how good these little buns were. I think I'm craving some NOW.
Red Maple Chinese Cuisine
(801) 747-2888
3361 South Redwood Road
West Valley City, 84119

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  1. I'm curious to find out if you've gone back for the weekend service. This is my favorite place for Dim Sum, but I've never gone during the weekdays.

  2. If you bring yourself to go back, I highly recommend Sunday around 11am. Fresh and hot, and the carts are rolling.

    Have you had dim sum at the Hong Kong Tea House downtown? I'm curious if it's as good as their dinners.

  3. Thanks for the weekend recommendation. I'll check it out :) I tried Hong Kong Tea House years ago and found it to be stale and unfresh. Maybe it was a bad day...


  4. I agree with the blandness of the food. But I disagree with the service. Everytime I go (against my better judgement) the service has been horrible. We literally have to beg to get some food at our table, even a glass of water was too much to ask.