Thursday, September 15, 2011

Artbarn, New York

Artbarn. I snapped a few pictures of my favorite pieces.
Mariko Mori, Empty Dream, 1995.
C-print, wood, smoked aluminum, 108 x 288 x 3 inches
Yayoi Kusama, Untitled (Mannequin), 1966.
Mannequin, wig, shoes and paint.
Zeng Guogu, Calligraphy Waterfall, 2006.
Wax, newspaper, manuscripts.
Huang Yong Ping, Wells, 2007.
Ceramic and taxidermy.
Sabrina Mezzaqui, The Arabian Nights, 2004.
Pages of The Arabian Nights rolled up, glue, thread, 246 feet.
Peter Sarkisian, Puddle 8, 2002.
Mixed media, DVD projection.

Francis Alys, Untitled (gun number 16), 2005-2006.
Wood, metal, plastic, film reels, film, vellum.

Christoph Buchel, Parade, 2005.
DVD, colour, sound, loop, 9 minutes 36 seconds.
Yinka Shonibare, Leisure Lady (with pugs), 2001.
3 fibreglass dogs, Dutch-waxed printed cloth, mannequin.
Anish Kapoor, Untitled (Grounds).
Edward Kienholz, Moses.
Mixed media. 24 x 42 x 11.75 inches.
John Coplans, Self-Portrait (Crossed Fingers), 1999.
Gelatin silver print. 17.5 x 20.5 inches.

Serge Spitzer, Global Culture, 2004-2005.
Robotic table with leather ball. 98.4 x 63 x 49.2 inches.
Yasuma Morimura, Doublelonage (Portrait A and Portrait D), 1988.
C-prints, mounted on aluminum
Kim Jones, Rat Box, 2004-2009-2010.
Wood, rubber rats, acrylic, ink.
Alan Saret, ING, 1983.
Naoki Koide, A Couple, 2004.
FRP, acrylic, lacquer, urethane
Wang Jin, Installation People's Republic of China Passport #125109, 2004
Sculpted Stones, 8 stones.  

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