Friday, September 16, 2011

M's Birthday, Part Deux: XD Cinemas, "The Smurfs"

Right across the parking lot from Cowabunga Bay in Draper was/is Cinemark's XD Extreme Digital Cinema. After a full day splashing in the hot sun, nothing was more enthralling than the thought of relaxing in a brand new airconditioned theater. So pleased and relieved that animation still has appeal with these sophisticated big girls. We are all dying to see The Smurfs movie in 3-D!
It had been a while since I set foot inside a brand new theater. Wow, state-of-the-art, clean and grand!
New bathrooms are the best! Stainless Xlerator hand dryers eliminate overflowing trashcans. Extra large tiles to the ceiling. Nice.
Cafeteria-style concessions galoretons of junk food in all shapes, colors and sizes.
The girls were particularly impressed with the plush faux leather seating.
What a privilege it was to take my own daughter and her friends to see one of my favorite childhood cartoons come alive in CG/live action! I am in awe of cinematic technology. The girls loved the new revamped Smurfs. Following the movie, they tirelessly and expertly reenacted various scenes.
Strike a pose, your fave Smurf pose! Gimme another one!

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