Thursday, September 1, 2011

Glenwild- REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon, that 80's band, played at Glenwild a few weeks ago! Upon arrival to the Glenwild Clubhouse, we are greeted at the porch with an attentive good-looking staff in uniform pouring generous glasses of white and red. Off to a very nice start.
The outdoor stage, decked out in truss supports, speakers and lights, was built right on the golf course next to the lake. It looked like a fancy wedding reception, with high cocktail tables in black linens, white padded folded chairs and a dance floor. Ridiculously picturesque backdrop of majestic landscapes and mountainscapes, rolling manicured lawns, lakes and blue skies. Before the show began, we hustled for food, found friends, drank cocktails and pigged out on heavy apps :)
Food stations were set up all over the place to handle the crowd. The food was not mind-blowing, but solid, plentiful and good.

Romaine and Blue Cheese Salad.  It is always tricky eating something out of a paper cone.
Veggie or Meat Paninis.  These were huge and filled with high quality ingredients, but needed more flavor. Couldn't just fill up on one panini!
Beef Sliders.  These sliders way too big to be served as a heavy hor d'oeuvre. Savory, juicy and oozing cracked pepper.
Cocktail Shrimp.  What's an outdoor party without a ton of jumbo shrimp cocktail? Standard delicious chilled, plump, sweet jumbos.
Assortment of sushi.  The sushi bar was mirror platters of everyone's favorite rolls.
Pork Loin.  I didn't get to all the carving stations as the crowds were everywhere. We walked past a huge line for the bbq pork.
Veggie and Chicken Quesadillas.  Packed filled with tons of veggies and cheese.
Caesar Salad.  More cones again. I ended up slurping this one since I was holding my glass of wine and had no extra hands.
Dessert stand was filled with all the favorites!
The show started when everyone was stuffed and tipsy. Our wonderful hosts, the bigwigs of PC who made this evening fiscally possible (including our handsome BradK), came up to introduce REO Speedwagon, a big 80's band of not-my-generation, but I did recognize many songs!
Spectacular sunset. Amazing showhigh energy, sang tons of songs, great vibes. Sun goes down, band goes crazy, audience cry tears of joy reminiscing on youthful old times. The magic of live music and social experience continue all night long...
The lit mountain scene is absolutely breathtaking and cinematic. Park City summer nights are AMAZING.
Love is in the air...
Fireworks show never get old. After the closing song, a awesome light show erupt against the blacker than black skies.
Thank you Brad. We love you. xoxo

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