Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Strawberry Fields.  This one is a Takashi classic, too fabulous for words. Ripe sugary sweet strawberries, spicy wasabi, smooth hamachi, toasty almonds. If you are a fruity sushi newbie, trust me on this one ;') Order one for the table.
Sablefish Nigiri.  Another favorite. Silky smooth every single time. Torched and barely garnished with some garlicky scallion.
Fried Whole Trout with Salsa.  This fried local Utah trout has been on the Specials chalk board for weeks. Always a sigh of relief when we see it still listed. This is hubby's favorite fish prep, deboned, lightly fried, moist bright white center, seasoned perfectly. Crispy skin is my fave.
Head-on. De-boned fish eliminates anxiety for the white man.
Big squeeze of juicy lemon all over the light crusty flesh is all it requires really.
Although unnecessary because the fish is already perfectly seasoned, this spicy citrus salsa is the bomb.
Summit Roll with Tuna and Shrimp.  Rice-less, seaweed-less roll of cucumber, tuna, avocado, tobiko and shrimp (substituted crab meat), chili peppers and ginger sauce. Crazy good flavors and textures.
Ginger drizzle all over.
Can you taste it? The wet chilled crunch? Firey kick of those teeny bird's eye? Micro balls of tobiko explosions?
Okay, one last picture.

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