Thursday, September 22, 2011

High West

Current all-time favorite spot to eat out in town is High West, with or without the whiskey ;') Atmosphere is always chill and the decor is comfy and unpretentious. Although hubby still considers the food heavy, I think the portions are spot-on, dishes consistent and food absolutely delicious. You will love their complimentary cowboy cookie breads. (Oh, and the pepper and salt mills at every table are a huge plus to any meal.) I took Miriam out for an early girls dinner to go over homework and spelling...
Heirloom Pesto.  Miriam actually started her heirloom tomato addiction here. This very salad started the craze. Sweet soft onions, kicky pesto, juicy ripe local heirlooms, drips of balsamic... We love this tomato tower!
Carrots and Pickles.  Housemade pickles here are like sour sugary candies. I think I constantly crave these housemade pickles.
High West Burger and Fries.  The parmesan fries are always decadently fab. Dave Perkins stopped by and gave away the secret to the wonderous moist juicy patty ;') If you are into burgers, get this. Ask for extra pickles.
Mac N Cheese.  What can I say? I'm not a fan but people go crazy over this. Cheesy, gooey, crusty, rich and heavy.
Vanilla Ice-cream and Chocolate.  Perfect way to finish all this love up :)
Love this place.  xo

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