Thursday, September 15, 2011

Delta terminal JFK

Been forever since we've rented a car in NYC, but this time we needed to drive to and from the Hamptons. Upon returning the rent car to Avis at JFK, I was blown away by the cleanliness and efficiency of the AirTrain and Delta terminal. Where have I been all this time?
Since returning the Avis car was such a fast no-hassle ordeal, we arrived ridiculously early to our gate and had glorious time to kill. Around this time last year, October 2010-ish, JFK installed a ton of iPads throughout the Delta terminal. On prior NYC trips, we never arrived early enough to explore and enjoy the benefits of the hi-tech remodel :)
What convenience, cool design and slick layout, particularly the purple PF color ;')

Red Mango (disguised as smoothie?!)! Stoked!
I ordered Red Mango's "Tropical Parfait" with a pinch of yogurt chips. Ice cold original flavor yogurt, organic flax seed granola, pineapple, banana and mango (and a pinch of yogurt chips).
Tropical Parfait, ice cold perfection.
Even after a Red Mango, we still had time and an appetite for a tasting at Todd English's Bonfire restaurant. We got suckered in by Todd English's flashy signage expecting Olives caliber food and atmosphere.
We were seated immediately and had some of the worst dining experiences ever. Never have I seen a more depressing staff.
Cappuccino was decent.
Baja Style Fish Tacos, mahi mahi, caper aioli, radish and jalapeno slaw, $17.  Besides the boring monochromatic tan color scheme, the flavors were awful. The battered fish was overcooked and dry and clashed with the pickled cabbage. Pickled cabbage? The extra long skewer barely held it together for presentation. By setting the "tacos" directly on top of the tossed salad, the tortillas ended up soggy and wet. Do not order this!
The side of Guacamole was more of a smear of green dyed sour cream?
A mess. Impossible to eat.
Flavors all wrong. Not pretty.
Ok, forget about that awful Bonfire experience. Onto majestic skies...
Delta First Class in-flight dinner. Hubby got a vegetarian meal. He said it was decent and good, nothing spectacular. Doesn't that upper left item look like gefilte fish?
Mine, on the other hand, was AMAZING!
Deboned chicken breast baked to perfection with shitake gravy on the side and asparagus spears. The Israeli couscous had a texture of fabulous panseared pasta, barely crispy.
Chicken was wet, firm and juicy. Exquisite flavors. This may have been one of the best chicken dishes I've ever had?! No joke. How did they pull this off on the plane?! Convection microwave?

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