Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunch with Ellen and Jerry in New York

Nourish the soul.
Classic Caesar.
Green Salad.
Stuffed Peppers.  Persian style stuffed with basmati, onion and spices.
Fresh Flounder.  Fresh flounder caught that morning! Silky, flaky, moist, very flavorful.
Tuna Nicoise.
Seared Cabbage.
Menashe Kadishman, Necklace in the Forest, 1970.  Shadows, lights, silhouettes, pine trees, rectangles. Play on light.
Toy plane ;') So real, so deep.
Check out this sick wall. Clean lines, beautiful form. (Forgot the name of the graffiti artist.)
Marcos Ramirez "Erre", Los ojos de la libertad miran adentroThe Eyes of Freedom Look Within, 2000.
Wolfgang Winter & Berthold Horbelt, Cratehouse 846.13 (Pavillion), 2001. (845 water bottle crates, PVC< wood and metal)
Konso, Concrete Memorial Statute from Jimma, South Ethiopia.
 Stone Monolith, Cross River region, Nigeria.
 Anne-Sofi Siden, Fidelcommissum, 2000.
She's peeing! :)
Serge Spitzer, Re Cover, 2003-04. River stones, handmade ceramic stones.

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  1. Dear Lisa,

    Where have you seen that Cross-River monolith ?
    (posted 14sept2011, "lunch at the Sterns Westhampton")
    Is it possible to see it in person ?
    (I make a study about these stones)

    Mark van Raaij