Monday, February 13, 2012


Riverhorse on Main Street had a make-over and it was about time we came to check it out. We love the new Riverhorseinside is rustic, earthy, modern with lots of silver, steel sheeting covering walls, welded accents throughout and hand-blown glass light fixtures. Food is solid and consistent.
Thanks, Michelle, for organizing and getting us out on this FREEZING day. It was a below zero day on the mountain. Most of us were watching our kids race, standing around in -15 (negative fifteen!) F. We started out with pimp cocktails to warm up...
Actually, Kitty just got back from a cleanse, so she drank tea and ate nothing. Absolutely nothing!
Riverhorse Greens, $12.50.
Ahi Sashimi and Tuna Tartare, $13.95.
Wedge Salad, $13.95.
Scallop Special.
Crispy Southern Style Duck, $34.95.  First time ever having fried duck and I love it.
Riverhorse Vegetarian Potstickers, $11.95.
Whipped Cream.  Michelle actually ordered a side of whip cream and ate it.
We left with full bellies (except for Kitty, hers was empty with just some tea), rejuvenated with ambition, empowered with wisdom and inspiration to be better and better people, wives, moms and friends. Love girlfriends!
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