Friday, February 24, 2012

Kitty's Sushi Night

Sushi night at Kitty's turned into a deliciously decadent girls night out that went way past bedtime. It was a brilliant nightamazing friends, insane food and bottomless glasses of wine. Oh, and the girltalk was mind-blowing, scandalous, hilarious, inspiring, etc., etc. ;)
Kumamoto Oysters.  Elegant start to get fun intros and conversations going. 
 Chef TJ.
Warm Sake.  Ah, snowy day drinks are so fab.
Chef TJ's centerpiece display contained the best premium fish flown in from Tokyo just hours before. He was deboning, filleting and slicing in the kitchen during our first segment of girltalk, sake, wine and oysters.
Check out the expert knife cuts.
Tatsuage Salad.  Chicken salad was prepared in honor of Nan. Gluten-free crust on the chicken was light and yummy. Arugula, walnuts, grape tomatoes, gluten-free soy, delicious...
Shirako.  This white creamy mayo-looking blob is actually a chewy, slippery, off-white, chord-like rope. I forgot to take a picture to show the long unwinded intestines-looking chord that was shirako, as eating this required my complete undivided focused attention. What is it? Knowing that Shirako is considered an expensive delicacy in Japan helps. Shirako is Japanese milt, aka sperm sacs from cod fish. Yes, we ate raw fish sperm sacs! Even for high-end Japanese diners this stuff is an acquired taste. The texture was weird, cold, rubbery like clams or extra tender squid. Chopsticks were a challenge as they kept slipping and sliding off. I couldn't detect any identifiable flavor, so it guess it's all about the creepy texture and look of the long rope. (And the faith that superior sex drive will appear once you consume this stuff...)
Sashami Moriawase, Maguro, Shima Aji, Kanpachi, Sake Harami. Okay, now the main event. Every piece was to die for, so fresh and buttery. Intense flavor and silky oily bites. Insane and spectacular!
Ton Juru.  Pork soup. The bowl was a bit overcrowded, but everything was outrageously fresh, clean and flavorful.
Rainbow Roll.
Spicy Tuna.
Shima Aji Oshizushi.  This was so fabulous with the sesame seasoned rice.
Mochi Ice-cream.  Ah, ice cold heaven! Chewy rice cakes filled with frozen ice-cream. LOVE.
Chef TJ, sushi master extraordinaire. (What made you think of serving long chords of cod sperm sacs?! Huh?!)
Girls rule! Thanks, Kitty, for a magical night of good friends, fabulous sushi and fun girltalk loaded with wisdom ;)
Earlier that day...we had a glorious dump of snow and my 2 biggest boys killed it on the mountain.
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