Sunday, February 26, 2012

ChoSun Galbee

ChoSun Galbee in K-town is the venue of choice for an upscale Korean BBQ experience, particularly if you want to show off Korean food to newbies. It was a delicious girls night out in LA and Mimi, of course, did all the expert ordering in her fast-tongue Korean. 
This place is large, with a modern sleek decor, fab outdoor patio and always crowded with a super chic Korean clientele. We took a private room in the back for some intimate dining and happy heavy girltalk. 
The food here is insanely good. The servers even do most of the grilling for you. Ice cold beer, marinated tender beef sliced bite-size, sticky aromatic Korean rice, and all those gazillion little side garnishy tasting plates...  
Food kept coming. In addition to BBQ beef, we had platters of glass noodles and thick scallion stuffed pancake... 
We ate like kings. Like gluttons. Best Korean BBQ feast ever.
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