Wednesday, February 8, 2012

St. Regis J&R Grill...breakfast :)

Meeting up with Torie and Baby Lucy over a posh girls breakfast at St. Regis. Lucy is such a doll. See what I mean? Valet down below at street level, funicular your way up to J&G Grill and contemplate the majestic panorama of Deer Valley as you ascend.
The main dining room at J&G Grill is elegance with tons of light pouring in. Chic dramatic light early in the morning. I love it.
Eggwhite Omelette with Main Lobster.  I ordered an eggwhite omelette with garlic and lobster meat. Yes, lobster! They do their omelettes here cigar-style, served with perfectly crisp roasted potatoes (not mushy/soggy), gorgeous tomatoes and a side of toast and salty butter. It was totally indulgent, expensive and absolutely amazing.
Gruyere Omelette with Maine Lobster.  Torie decided to have the lobster omelette the way the chef intended, packed with yolks and gruyere. Rich and fabulous. We left feeling fabulous and not over-stuffed. Perfect portions.