Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soho House

Soho House NY, similar to its original Soho House in London, is exclusive, members only, not open to the public. The atmosphere is sophisticated, beautiful, artsy, hip, luxurious yet unpretentious and slightly understated.

We met up with Dean and Katia, two very connected individuals with impeccable taste, at Soho House for wine, coffee and toast.  

It was the day before H&D's wedding at The Pierre. I spent all morning shopping and still didn't have a dress for the wedding. Guess what was right around the corner from Soho House? Lo and behold, an actual brick-and-mortar All Saints storefully loaded!
I found the perfect dress! Yes, it was long sleeve, and maybe too black, too funereal, too goth, maybe even too cheap... BUT with my hair so short nowadays, I desperately needed that extra gathered coverage around the neck and shoulders to cover my tatts without appearing too prude, if that makes sense. Appropriate wedding etiquette. I love this store.
Katia helped pull everything together the next morning at Saks. Black satin Louboutins (conservative, chic), MAC Russian Red lipstick, black diamond studded oval hoops with black center stones, and a borrowed black satin Chanel clutch...;)

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