Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tsunami - Sugarhouse

I took Max out for a late sushi lunch at Tsunami in Sugarhouse after the races at Snowbird. We sat at the bar and ordered most of the specials and everything the the chefs recommended. Very attentive chefs, great service, ridiculously huge portions. I love eating with Max! His nine-year-old appetite blows me away. 
Classic Miso.  Nice touch with the enoki mushrooms.
Saba Nigiri.  We love mackerel, especially topped with scallion.
Kampachi Nigiri.  Freshest yellowtail in from Hawaii.
Agadashi Tofu.  Comfort food. Agadashi always compliments a sushi meal.
Hamachi Nigiri.
Oysters.  Straight up simple ponzu, scallion, tobiko. My favorite preparation.
D.T.H. Roll.  Thick, fried, saucy and gross. Max loved it.
House Cured Salmon.
Winter Roll.  
Executive Roll.  Lime rinds, tempura shrimp, tobiko...too much going on, but this mess can never go wrong. Hot as hell habanero sauce.
Breaking the bank again...
Earlier at Snowbird clear skies evolve into freezing heavy winds and white-out blizzard conditions.
Inside the Creekside Cafe we discovered a happy staff, clean and new looking spaces, tons of food and beverages...

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