Sunday, February 12, 2012


Chick-fil-A is all the rage and the quirky billboards are everywhere. The nearest Chick-fil-A just opened in Sugarhouse on 2100 South. Very impressed. Totally get why people are all talking. It was early...
FREE WiFi over breakfast. Nice.

 #5 Breakfast Burrito Meal, $4.29. The meals come chicken and/or egg biscuit sandwiches or burritos with hashbrowns and a beverage choice of coffee or orange juice (by Simply!). Substitute the hashbrowns for a fruit cup for an extra $1.30. Check out these fab coffee lids.
Chicken Breakfast Burrito.  Everything was packed tightly and rolled expertly into a flour tortilla--scrambled eggs, bell peppers, onion, spicy breaded chicken. Nicest fastfood breakfast burrito I've ever had.
Fruit Salad.  Fab packaging. The fruit and berries were crisp with fresh cut marks. The pieces of fruit were placed neatly with no visible bruising or mushiness. Very impressive.
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