Sunday, October 24, 2010

a few of my favorite things...

I've been cooking, drawing and trimming a million laminated place cards for the school art program and thought about my favorite things this month...(and in perfect Julie Andrews melody), "These are a few of my FAV-orite things..."

(1) "Naughty" nailpolish by Orly.  A perfect fall-winter color that is not absolute black. In the light it is a deep blackish red and the shade it is vampy Linkin Park by OPI. I guess this is representative of my inner goth.
(2) Vietnamese Ice Coffee.  Completely dependent on this energy potion, I am loyal to Longevity Brand condensed milk, unmarked bags of "special grounds French coffee" from Kim Long Market and a little drip filter.

(3) Skullcandy FMJ gold ear buds.  These little headphones have become a sort of baby blankie. The gold pops out like 24K, the sound is fantastic and they seem to be, so far, indestructible. 
(4) Teeny tiny iPod Shuffle.  This tiny little music stub has a built-in clip that conveniently latches on to everything. It is so light and nearly invisible. No screen means surprise shuffle.
Listening to to fantastic soundtrack to Spike Jonze's 'Adaptation'... (Fatboy Slim, etc.)

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