Wednesday, October 20, 2010

China Lounge, Beijing

China Lounge was chic, upscale and sunny with floor to ceiling glass walls. I loved the decor - concrete accents, crystal chandeliers, tall live green plant pots, gold silk seatcovers - elegant and cozy at the same time. We had a large glass private dining room with an attentive staff with warm friendly smiles.
Beautiful platters of food filled our lazy susan as soon as we sat down. New platters were replaced as soon as they were finished. Our tea cups and juice glasses were refilled after each sip. I was camera-shy here (regretfully, such a bummer!) but luckily worked up the nerve to snap this "Prawns with Black Fungus" because I just HAD to. 
Medium-size butterflied shrimp were twisted and given black sesame seed eyes and artfully arranged to be be swimming ducks (?!). Have you seen anything cuter?! Other dishes were so visually stunning, so fresh and absolutely DELICIOUS!
Iced chrysanthemum tea served with full blooming flowers...gorgeous.
Sweet potatoes over hot coals on wheels. Outside the restaurant, we were greeted by street vendors on bikes pushing warm tender sweet potatoes.
Venue Information:China Lounge
Full Name:China Lounge, Beijing, China
Opening Hours:Daily 11am-12am
Address:Workers' Stadium South Gate, Chaoyang district
Contact Details:China Lounge
Phone:+86 (0) 10 6501 1166
Other Information:China Lounge
Website:Official Beijing Municipal Website

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