Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wahso, apres-dinner Lounge nummies

Wahso is closed for shoulder season now (bummer!), opening again...when, December? We enjoyed the summer menu enormously and look forward to the winter dishes. 

That night, we actually had dinner somewhere else and wanted to stay out. We hit Main St seeking just coffee and maybe some wine and ended up at Wahso, not knowing that it would be their last summer menu night! 
Chips and dip.  On the house, yummy always.
Thai Curry Mussels - Pei mussels, lemon grass chili broth, grilled bread, $8.  Light and spicy broth could have been a soup. So pretty.
Hamachi Sashimi - japanese yellowtail, fresh wasabi, Utah white nectarines, icicle radish, baby beechwood mushrooms and ponzu, $10.  This is my fave, delicious art.
Green Beans with Sauce and walnuts on the side...  Addicting, crunchy, light, flavorful.
After these green beans, my memory card maxed out, so no more pix for the rest night :(... I think we just had the Spiced Edamame, $4, last in the Lounge. Out of nowhere, RickA found us (while he was looking for the bathroom!) huddled in the corner of the Lounge and relocated us (dragged us) to join his crew for dessert in one of Wahso's lovebooths located in the main dining room. We finished with French press and a bunch of desserts with our friends. I LOVE it here! xx

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