Friday, October 22, 2010

Takashi in Salt Lake City

For Laurie's last Utah meal (this time around), we hit Takashi for lunch before her flight back home. It was yet another satisfying feast filled with epiphanic "Takashi Revelations" over brilliant girltalk as we sipped tea and savored each delectable bite.

Wok'd Asparagus, $9.  I remembered to insist on "extra-light sauce" this time, so it was amazing! Seared asparagus in a tasty oyster-like sauce, shitake mushrooms, sesame seeds, glass noodles.
Gyoza, $8.50.  The ultimate comfort food at best. Pork dumplings in a tangy, kicky, spicy sauce. So yummy.
Summit Roll, $11.50.  A tropical paradise of colors. Beautiful! Out of habit, I asked for peach as a substitute for the crab. Tuna, tobiko, peach, avocado, cucumber sheets, ginger sauce, birds-eye chili. The flavors. The textures. 
Gun Negi Toro, $14.  Chopped fatty tuna, rice, seaweed, quail eggyolk. Silky, rich, smooth, magical. Incredible textures. 
Live Scallop, $15.  Presentation rocks. Scallop shell held open by cucumber stick. Dip is citrus, tangy, kicky. 
Bonito Nigiri, $5.50.  Marinated seared tuna, rice, garlic, scallion. Fabulous, fresh.
Sablefish Nigiri, $5.95.  Torched cod, rice, garlic, scallion. Silky, smooth, intensely flavorful. Absolute favorite, hands down.
Each time we come here, we agree that Takashi is the best sushi around (yes, even better than Nobu!)...

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    What camera/lens are you using to take these gorgeous food shots?

  2. Thanks!

    I WAS using a (low-maintenance, no-brainer easy) Canon PowerShot SX10IS. NOW, I'm using Canon G11. (BTW: I have terrible luck with Nikon! Returned at least 3 Nikons before sticking to this G11)