Thursday, October 21, 2010

St. Regis in Park City, late-night on the patio...

It was Laurie's last night in Park City, so we decided to take advantage of the St. Regis deck while we still could. The funicular is actually bearable when you get to take it with out-of-town friends to show off the views. Pic below (inside the funicular), I love my new black puffer Tretorn hi-tops from +PROSPECT+ on Main Street!
When I come with friends, I truly appreciate the splendor of Park City....
Always prefer the St Regis bar and deck over the actual J&G sit-down restaurant inside the hotel. So relaxing and cozy outside on the terrace between the outdoor fireplace and heat lamps.
Spiced Almonds, freebie.  Crazy addicting. Completely stimulates the appetite.
Popcorn with Truffle Salt, freebie.  A bit stale, but addicting nevertheless.
Immediately, we started with some High West Rendezvous.
Pizza - Snake River Farms Beef Carpaccio, Shaved Mushrooms, Arugula and Parmesan, $15.  It is always a challenge navigating through this menu for lighter dishes, as the menu is pretty heavy and saucy. With not much to choose from (lighter fare) we got 3 of these.
Sauteed Maitake Mushrooms, Sesame and Lime, $10.  Again, with an incredibly limited menu for non-buttery foods, we splurging on at least 4 of these...
Pizza - Black Truffle with Fontina Cheese, $16.  Again, three of these! I ordered a couple sans the cheese.
Maine Mussels Mariniere, $16.  Plump, juicy and perfect for a cold night out. Hubby complained that they were too buttery.
Champagne sabrage on the deck! The St. Regis has an elegant champagne bottle-opening ceremony, using a real saber (!), each night to celebrate sundown. Complimentary champagne for everyone.
Hubby and Scott finally arrived to join us outside right as the temperature dropped. To warm up, we kept ordering more carpaccio and truffle pizzas, more mushrooms and kept the beverages flowing with vino, whiskey, Bloody Mary, champagne... Beautiful night.

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