Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Atlantis Casino Resort in the Bahamas - PF evening pool party

We took a 7am flight out of Salt Lake City (1 stop Atlanta) to the Bahamas for a 3-day work conference with a kick-off cocktail party beginning 7:30pm upon arrival to the Atlantis Casino Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas. It was a brutal first day.

Atlantis Resort is huge, an enormous kid-friendly and family-lovin' wonderland. The Atlantis grounds has everything you would want in a dreamy water world. Here are just some of the attractions: man-made waterfalls, crazy water slides, super lazy rivers, kiddie water parks throughout, swim with the dolphins cay, full movie theater, gorgeous manicured golf courses and even a casino.   
In the lobby, screaming little tourist kids ran around like happy animals. The Atlantis staff was made up of all Afro-Bahamians (of West African decent) and they were incredibly slow. Never have I seen a staff in slow motion. Perfectly happy, kind, mellow, smiley, very mellow and very SLOW. Did I mention SLOW? They had beautiful toothy smiles :)
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail.  The perimeter of the pool was lined up with appetizer stands, carving stations, burger buffets, and full-service bars. Lots of alcohol. Iced trays of colossal cocktail shrimp were plentifulsweet, chilled, briny, amazingly flavorful.
Lamb Chops.  Too many carnivorous tray pass nibbles to keep track of...juicy meatballs, steak skewers and juicy jerky lamb chops.
Roast Beef.  Dozens of roast beef carving stations were set up all over the place.
Conch Burgers.  Slider buffets featured conch, pork, beef, shrimp and all the condiments. Another dozen dozen slider choices.
Calypso Pork Loin.  More carving. This was local prep juicy meat.
Jerky Turkey.  Poultry done island style (sort of).
Lobster Kabobs, Melon, Cheese and Bruschetta.  Lobster skewers were the bomb. The BOMB.
Although we were in the Bahamas, the scene was sadly artificial and resembled more of a Vegas pool party. Oh well.
View from the hotel room. Totally Vegas, huh?! It was a gorgeous night on the island.
I missed my kids terribly. Thank goodness for Skype ;') I love putting my kids to bed. What did we ever do before Skype?!
"Sweet dreams. You're wonderful. You're amazing. I love you." xo

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