Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jupiter Bowl in Park City -- a birthday party!

Jupiter Bowl was the perfect posh spot for an indulgent yet relaxed birthday party for Max, turning 9 years old! In two cars, a Flex and a Forester, we whisked the third grade crew up directly from school and to the bowling alley for an afternoon of party-packaged fun in the fancy 4-lane private party room...
Immediately upon entering, we were greeted with balloons and gobs of junk food. The kids, like ravenous animals, stuffed themselves with candy and chips.
Cheese pizza...
Chicken Fingers and Fries...
We relocated to the Arcade where Brett, the other chaperone and keeper of $40+ in tokens, contained the party-goers and rationed coins.
Then back to the room where we faced the completely frustrating challenge of lighting 14 wicks as quickly as possible.
Cake was from Cold Stone Creamery just down the street. Flavor: MMMMINT Chip. It was frozen solid, even after sitting room temperature for at least 15 minutes. Happy Birthday my wonderful Max! xoxo
Happy days always...
Gifts were an impressive selection of Legos and Pokemonso generous and spot-on!
Okay, now the fun favors!
Check out the selection...a la Dollar Store.  xo
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