Thursday, May 26, 2011

IKEA restaurant in Draper

FYI, I'm sort of a die-hard IKEA fan and was totally stoked when they opened their first Utah store in Draperfinally, stylish and chic home decorating at affordable prices! And there's drop-off daycare while you shop! And they have Dyson hand-dryers in their restrooms! And I love building all that stuff myself! (I know, it's crazy.)
(I know there are plenty of you IKEA-haters out there and you probably are disgusted with their food too...) The cafeteria, known as the IKEA Restaurant, is conveniently located near the home accessories where you can, half way through your shopping, nourish yourselves with yummy Euro comfort food before you tough it through to the finish line, I mean, check-out line ;')
We ended up getting...

Swedish Meatballs, $3.99.  Yes, these are the famous meatballs served with fluffy mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. (Unfortunately the food is not consistentyes, I've had some terrible meatballs.) Before you order the meatballs, make sure they look browned and crisp on the outside for great texture and flavor.
Potato Broccoli Hashbrowns.  Most, dense, light, crisp and so flavorful. These were delicious!
Spinach Cheese Crepes, $2.99.  I thought I was ordering pancakes with fresh fruit, so the flavors caught me off-guard. They were rich, cheesy, chewy and pretty good.
IKEA Restaurant
(801) 572-4532
67 West Ikea Way
Draper, UT 84020
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