Monday, May 16, 2011

Chicago's O'Hare Airport — automatic plastic toilet seat covers!

We were at Chicago's O'Hare Airport waiting for our connecting flight to Manchester and had the privilege of experiencing the famous "no-touch automatic plastic toilet seat covers" that were installed last year at the United Airlines terminal restrooms! The entire plastic seat cover device was practically designed, but looked weird and ridiculous. It was like sitting on a messy bunch of crinkly plastic grocery bags. I did, however, leave the restroom feeling clean, safe and protected from wicked bacteria.
Simple and easy to understand instructions (in English, Spanish, French and Braille) were mounted in each stall right above the toilet.
We loaded up on fabulous carby junk while we reflected on the crazy hi-tech toilets.
We even stopped by Starbucks for foofoo drinks and cake pops (all the rage).
Bro has it finally figured outthe Rocky Road Cake Pop is merely a brownie on a stick with some baby marshmallows glued on.
What are the best comfy travel shoes ever? I love my ASH black leather hi-top sneaker with, chain link faux lace and side zipper for easy on-off.


  1. That looks cool. I hope all airports have that automatic toilets. Nice Rocky Road Cake Pop by the way!

  2. Yes, absolutely. All high traffic areas with public bathrooms should have these :)