Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cucina Toscana party at Cucina Nassi venue, a bar mitzvah!

Ryder's bar mitzvah party was lavish, decadent and even sinful to a few Kosher guests. The legendary and eccentric Valter Nassi catered the evening at a new place in Sugarhouse called Cucina Nassi, a party hall devoted solely to throwing elegant bashes exclusively for loyal patrons of Cucina Toscana like BradK. Everyone in black-tie and the live bands (I think a total of 3 bands through out the night) kept it going with all the classics.
As soon as we stepped inside, attentive servers generously poured bottles of incredible name wines while we nibbled on an excessive feast of tray-pass Tuscan hors d'oeuvres. A ton of food kept coming out of the kitchenmeticulously prepared canapes, giant iced trays of oysters, giant blocks of cheese, sealed wraps of fine cold cuts and even a few commercial meat slicers for the prosciutto bar! 

Zucchini shaved thin, tossed in vinegar, garlic and herbs.
Tomato stuffed lump crab.
Roasted red beets marinated in balsamic.
Marinated cherry tomatoes and pearl onion.
The lobby was overflowing with food.
Smoked salmon on latkes.
Colossal shrimp cocktail.
Eggplant bruschetta.
Marinated pearl onion and cherry tomatoes.
Platters of fresh oysters.
It was an insane antipasto buffet performanceINSANE!
Marinated olives.
The finest in cured hams and meats were on display with all the traditional antipasto condimentsfresh apples and pears, relishes, cheeses, olives, anchovies. Here's that prosciutto bar I mentioned with a sweet little set-up complete with commercial appliances...
INSALATA APRILE, carpaccio of baked pear, fontina cheese, arugola tossed in peach and plumb dressing. When the salads came out, I think there was difficulty preparing ourselves for, yet, more food.
CAPELLINI AL LIMONE, angel hair pasta in a Limoncello cream sauce.
TIMBALLO TARTUFATO, Valter's handmade lasagna with a light bechamel infused with fontina cheese & truffles.
CAPELLINI AL MONA LISA, angel hair pasta in a asparagus and zucchini sauce.
Heavy, cheesy, carby, rich. Omg, we were just so full.
FILLETO DI BUE ALLA CHATEAU D'YQUEM, tenderloin of beef served with baby artichoke, apple sauteed in Royal Tokaji, and garlic marinated in Vinsanto on a bed of baked onion.  I think we enjoyed the shocking overload and variety of appetizers too much too early...
HALIBUT IN UMIDO, halibut with scallop, lump crab, soft shell crab and shrimp in a zesty tomato sauce.
Upstairs was hip-hop, rap, heavy bass and more rap. We found out our handsome birthday boy Ryder! Next to the DJ, strobe lights and photo booth were buffets filled with crispy chicken, burgers, pizza, pasta, Italian sandwiches and endless desserts.
There were several musical acts including a spectacular 10-piece band. Oh yeah...
I DOLCI A SORPRESA. Carousel of desserts, all from Valter's hometown of Monte San Savino. Way past midnight and still going, seriously. A parade of coffee and dessert platters came out.
Panna cotta.
Incredible flan.
The gelato selection was to die for. Chocolate dipped mini cones...
CROQU EN BOUCHE.  The grand finale... "Happy Birthday to YOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!"
We love you, Ryder. xoxo
Laine and Ryder are keeping your beautiful spirit alive. We miss you so much, Sherri. 
Cucina Toscana
(801) 328-3463
307 West Pierpont Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Cucina Nassi, private dining room, is located in Sugarhouse.
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  1. Everything looked fantastic! No need to speculate if the guests had a great time; I'm sure everyone did. This just may be one of the best live music venues I've seen in a while.