Sunday, May 8, 2011

Copper Onion in Salt Lake City

After driving pass numerous famously absurd Chik-fil-A billboards featuring dangling cows off I-15, Mary raved on and on about Chik-fil-A's yummy nuggets, classy yogurt parfaits and impeccable customer service. I clearly have been missing out on the new hip American fast-food culture, we drove around forever trying to locate a drive-through in my nav POI..and ended up at... The Copper Onion. YAY!
Sauteed Spinach.  Perfectly wilted spinach tossed with cashews and raisins. Delicious.
Snap Peas.  Crunchy, fresh, flavorful with a horseradish garlicky kick.
Steak Fries.  We got double friesI didn't realize they also came with my steak. Awesome, tossed in parmesan and herbs. Yum.
Cacio e Pepe.  Housemade noodles, brown butter, garlic, pecorino romano, pepper...chewy, cheesy, sensational.
Niman Ranch Tri Tip Steak.  Seared crisp, juicy, salty, peppery, medium rare. Topped with salsa verde. Amazing.
The Copper Onion
(801) 355-3282
111 East Broadway Suite 170
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
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