Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Old Bridge Cafe in Salt Lake City

Keisha took us on a cultural adventure lunch date sampling authentic Bosnian home-cooked dishes at the new Old Bridge Cafe in South Salt Lake. I recognized the neighborhood immediately, a few miles east of West Valley on 3300 South near Wasatch Steel, up from the movie theater on State Street, and across the street from the New Ho Ho Gourmet.

The restaurant was small and modest, spotlessly clean with charming murals and mosaic accents on the walls. Ibro, the gracious owner (who immigrated to the U.S. from Bosnia in 1998), gave us a brief history lesson on the Bosnian war and explained the authenticity of each dish in proud detail.

Cappuccino.  We needed to start off alert and perky ;')
Homemade Pita Bread.  The pita was crusty on the outside, and dense and fluffy on the inside, almost like a hard cracked naan bread. Ours were filled with light herbs and onion. Delicious.
Buredzici.  Fillo dough stuffed with meat and onion, covered with yogurt and garlic. This set the tone for beautiful authentic home-cooked Bosnian food. Unbelievable flavors.
Spicy kick.
Yogurt Mixture.  This was a sort of special rich and creamy yogurt, butter and garlic mixture. Subtle taste and super rich. 
Ajvar Sauce.  Made with red bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplant. I added this gorgeous bright smear to everything.
Dolma.  Stuffed green pepper with ground beef and rice, potatoes in a broth. More subtle and beautiful flavors. This was stew-like, wet and rich.
Cevapi, House Special, $6.99 for 10 pieces.  Sausage-style meatballs were addicting. Each bite contained ridiculous herby flavor. Like dense meaty patties shaped like sausages. I ate it taco style ripping up pieces of pita. Another awesome dish.
Tiramisu Cake.  Delicious, moist, cold, yummy.
Homemade Baklava.  Incredibly homey, sweet, nutty and rich.
This meal was made with meticulous care and love. When you do visit The Old Bridge Cafe, be sure to bring friends and order family style!
Old Bridge Cafe
(801) 466-4330
249 East 3300 South
Salt Lake City, 84115
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  1. Yeah, everything said, is true.. You should try also Bosnian meal called MUCKALICA. It is awesome stew made from two to three kind of meats, vegetables and mushrooms. Awesome taste. Bravo ...