Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Bakery, Windy Ridge in Park City, Utah

Have you been to The Bakery at Windy Ridge lately? I swung by last week to load up on pretty fruity sweet treats for Miriam's 4th grade religious school class last weekperfect excuse ;') The Bakery is dessert headquarters, producing all the desserts and breads for the Bill White restaurants...Grappa, Chimayo, Wahso, Ghidotti's and Windy Ridge Cafe. 
This tiny little hidden secret, with an impressive local cult following, is located in the back parking lot behind Windy Ridge Cafe on Iron Horse Drive. People swear by their German Chocolate Cake. In addition to all the fancy comfort desserts, they sell coffee, fresh breads, prepared meals like soups, salads, lasagnas...
Fresh Berry Tart 8", $16.50.
Mile High Apple Pie, $25.
Classic Quiche Lorraine 8", $25.
The side walls display more pastries, muffins and breads for sale.
Oven-ready meals like lasagna, chicken pot pies are displayed in the glass fridge.
Meringues... Ahh, I love yummy days like this.
The Bakery is located behind Windy Ridge Cafe. Open daily 8am-6pm.
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  1. I love your photos! Just discovered this fabulous bakeries and LOVED the caramel bars in particular. I am on the hunt for the recipe, do you have it by chance?